Friday, October 06, 2006

Khushwant Singh on the youth of India

Picked up from Hindustan Times dated 7th October 2006. Kudos to Khushwant Singh !!

Original article can be view here

Requiem to Sabharwal

Full of brilliance, culture and
Our youth being brave and full of fight
The future of India is really bright.
Only occasionally, they murder their teacher
Normally, they only break furniture
They hold up traffic, fold up classes
They would like to be political leaders, corporate bosses
They must have money and fun
So, what if they have to use the gun
For, the election to the Union must be won.
They are inventive, enterprising and bright
Instant stardom is their right,
So well behaved they are, such pictures of courtesy
Because our society
Teaches them mercy, manners and morality,
They’re so peace-loving, patriotic, free from guile
Because we set such brilliant examples all the while,
So, we should be proud of what we have done
Because they are our, our very own children.
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