Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Barged into Senate meeting

The senate meeting was on in full swing in the lecture theatre. BTW the senate is the apex body in IIT which decides a lot of stuff related to IIT. The presenter out there was putting forward some of his thoughts seriously. Officially the senate meeting was to end at 5 PM.

Wednesday 23 Mar 4:30 PM: In our lab, we all were gathering together to leave for Nikhil's birthday treat.

4:50 PM. We all stepped out of the lab to proceed for the treat. Suddenly some one remembered that today, Prof. Madhavan, a retired professor from our department (and a big name in control engineering) was ging to be conferred the Professor Emeritus status today at 5 PM in a ceremony at LT. All feet stopped moving and took a spontaneous turn towards the LT.

5:10 PM: Venue LT: We all thought that we are late for the function and it has already begun. I was leading the pack (this is a rare case). Hence, without even thinking about confirming what was going on inside, we opened the door and I just barged in. Seeing just too many profs around, I turned back and shouted to Ketan "abbe". That stunned the speaker for a few seconds, before he could continue. When I saw the slides that he was presenting, I understood that this is not the function we were supposed to attend. I just turned back and came out of LT even without caring to tell my friends what was going on inside. It was when Nikhil came out, that we came to know that we all had dared to barge into the senate meeting, which is one of the most high profile meetings in IIT!!

As for the conferring ceremony, we decided that Nikhil's treat gains a precedence over the ceremony and left the LT premises in a short time
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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Vihar Lake

Behind the Hills of IIT Bombay, is a serene and beautiful lake called the Vihar Lake. This lake is one of the sources of drinking water for the whole of Mumbai. Situated between three mountains this lake is worth devoting a whole evening. We went out there the second time, the first time being last week.

I hope to have some beautiful pictures/videos of the lake by Monday evening. Let's see if they can be uploaded somewhere.

If you want a good evening exercise along with enjoyment, the best thing is to climb up the hill behind IIT Bombay. From the hill top you can see the Powai lake, Vihar lake, whole of IIT Bombay, the Thane creek and the eastern express highway. You can also witness the landing and take off of air planes, although not very closely. But being one of the highest point in Mumbai, this offers a nice view.

Climb down the hill from the other side and you get to Vihar lake. Sit there and enjoy the evening along the banks of the lake, with waves of clear water splashing on the banks. Mind you, if you have a girl-friend/boyfriend this picnic will make her/his evening.

After that, you can come back to IIT walking along/on the pipeline. If you want to spend some more time, keep walking along the pipeline and come out at Saki-Vihar road. Enjoy tea/snacks out there and then come back to IIT/your home. It is a very nice experience. You enjoy it once, you would want to enjoy it again and again.
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Monday, March 14, 2005

Fun with Linux

Linux can be fun... Especially if you want to play pranks on newbies or on someone who uses Linux 'coz he hasn't any other option.

Try this...........
When the login screen of linux appears, you can choose the language you want. Change the language to Chinese or any other language which has no remote connection to India. Now, when anybody logs in to his account, he is going to see all the stuff in that particular language. You should just see the reaction on the user's face... It is garaunteed to be a Kodak moment..

Believe me, I've tried this and have been successful till this date... but, ur victim shouldn't be a hardcore Linux guy, or the plan will not take off at all.
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