Monday, August 20, 2007

Him and us: The difference is visible

The day was sunny, although it was mid-monsoon. However, not taking an umbrella is a risk in the city of Mumbai, where the rains can keep pounding for minutes together. I had submitted my report to my advisor and armed with my belongings and the all-important umbrella, I started marching back towards my hostel. The sun was making its appearance from behind the clouds like commercials during a cricket match. Suddenly, it happened. Many failed to notice that it could happen. The sun was shining brightly behind us. But directly above us, the clouds were all ready to dispatch their contents onto mother earth. And by God, they did it with all the energy they had. Umbrellas started coming out, people started running helter-skelter, to protect themselves from the onslaught.
In a few minutes of the rain, I found myself worrying about my laptop or mobile phone getting wet in the rain. So much so, that I was more careful about keeping the laptop bag under the umbrella at the cost of my left rain getting wet due the water dripping from the umbrella. Looking around me, I saw people busy in taking care of their clothes, notes, books, etc. regardless of what happened to the hands or feet. That is probably the beauty of nature. Man created clothes, mobile phones, laptops, but these are most fragile to the vagaries of nature. But the human body is very robust to changes in natural conditions. My wet arm dried in 10 mins, without any damage, but my wet trouser (wet because of the rains, not because of you-know-what) took more than two hours to dry. Fortunately, my laptop bag remained dry under my umbrella and my mobile phone in my pocket.
Doesn't this event point to something? We humans, the intellectually most gifted species on earth, cannot make things that are robust to nature's forces. However, our own body is robust to such forces by many orders of magnitude. This is true of all other species too, everyone in the plant and animal kingdom. Doesn't this say something? To me this very difference means, that there is something or someone who is more knowledgeable than the entire human species on earth who can create such wonderful things. That something/someone for me is GOD. This small event is enough to prove his existence for me. We humans are still nothing when compared to him.
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  1. Nicely written. But, I dont think that humans are the most intellectually gifted species on earth. Its a myth that we have been living with. Mother Nature is never partial. She would have given us something which other creatures dont have but still she has deprived us of many talents.

  2. @Anonymous
    The greatest gift Mother Nature or God has given is the ability to utilise the available resources (or create ones) to over come our disabilities. For e.g. to overcome the disability of covering large distances, the humans tamed horses. I can give a lot more examples, but the space is insufficient. This ability of resource utilisation is what puts us as the top of the intellectual species

  3. or as the atheist will put it ( or even the most optimistic human would put it), man has still a long way to go....