Friday, January 02, 2009

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Finally, my stint at Honeywell is over. It came to an end a bit earlier than I had expected, nonetheless, it has ended. And ended successfully. In the two-and-half months that I worked with Honeywell, I managed to file one patent. So, I will have a patent in my name in the next one or two years. Enough for a work that officially lasted for just over two months.

Apart from work my stay in Bengaluru too was good. I enjoyed a lot of things here. There are a few things that I liked about Bengaluru and that I will miss back in Mumbai. First, the greenery. Many of Bengaluru's roads have a nice green cover on their sides, thus keeping the road cool and shady. In Bengaluru, the problem with street lights is that due to the trees, their light doesn't fall on the roads. However, the trees are a blessing during the day when they keep away the sun.

Second, I shall miss those road-side juice shops. In Bengaluru, there is a juice shop at almost every 100 metres. They serve various juices at low prices. An orange juice costs around Rs. 10, while an apple milkshake costs anywhere between Rs. 12-15. These juices were a boon for me after my workout in the gym. Being exhausted and famished, they helped me stay alive till I could have dinner. These juice shops should be replicated all over India. The juices would atleast satisfy some of our nutritional requirements. Although IITB has one juice shop, they are not available outside IITB.

Third in line are the community parks. Every locality in Bengaluru has a community park, which is maintained by the Bengaluru Municipal Corporation. These parks have a walking (jogging) track inside, coupled with grass lawns and benches. So, you an walk/jog in the park and then laze or rest on the benches. These parks act as real stress-busters for those who need it. They are frequented by everybody, from the young to the old, who want to revitalise themselves.

Finally, I would miss Blossoms, the bookstore off Brigade Road. The three-storied bookstore that had all kinds of books- from childrens' collection to erotica- and sold brand new as well as second hand books. Blossoms was a favourite hangout of mine. I have bought a few books (especially second hand ones) from Blossoms and continue to crave for more. So many classics, out of print books, books bought by people from outside India are kept in their second-hand section for dirt-cheap prices. It is the hangout for book-lovers. I will definitely miss Blossoms as there is no counterpart for it in Mumbai or Pune.
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  1. Welcome Back :)

    Hope to get detailed updates from you...

  2. blossoms! aha! i went to bangalore for a couple of days and made it a point to get there...

    vaise...will be in Bombay on Saturday...give me your number...i will try to get in touch :)