Friday, May 01, 2009

Sardar's Pav Bhaji

How crazy could someone be about pav-bhaji? And that too about the pav-bhaji served in a particular restaurant? That's Sardar's pav-bhaji for you. This outlet serves of pav-bhaji (and varieties of it) and nothing else apart from juices and milk-shakes. Located in Tardeo, in front of Tardeo bus depot, this is the place for pav-bhaji fans. To get there, you need to get to Mumbai Central (if coming by train) or the Mumbai Central bus depot or Tardeo bus depot (if coming by bus). On the bridge over Mumbai Central station, when you face towarsd Churchgate, take a right and walk down the bridge. In the square, there is the Tardeo bus depot. Opposite this depot is Sardar's pav-bhaji.

Every pav-bhaji variety is garnished with Amul butter, hence every dish begins with the name "Amul XYZ Pav Bhaji". The outlet serves lip-smacking pav bhaji. In the evening, you can notice the cook making pav-bhaji in the adjacent room. The huge tawa is placed on the side bordering the entrance of the hotel. Hence, you can see all the preparations going on.

For those who are calorie-conscious, don't even try to enter this hotel. At the entrance itself, you'll get a heart attack. On the hugetawa, along with the bhaji, the cook adds dollops of Amul butter. At home we use a spoon or butter knife to scrape the butter. Butter the cooks here use large "karchi " to drop butter into the bhaji. Apart from that, he adds almost two table-spoons full of butter to the bhaji before serving it to you. Add to this, thepav (buns) which are also sauteed in butter.

But the taste is awesome. You are extremely full with one plate pav-bhaji. And also with the guilt of consuming tons of butter. But don't worry, you can always exercise a bit extra the next day to get rid of the accumulated fat.
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  1. these places have mDE THEIR NAMES only by quality food haven't gimmicky ads...i m reminded of vithal bhel near VT too

  2. yes, none of that gimmicky stuff like 30 min or free, no stupid "discount" schemes, no stewards go heads over heels trying to make you feel superior, nothing. Just plain good food at reasonable rates. That's why you feel like going to these places again and again.

  3. I've never heard of this one...will try it next time I head to Tardeo to eat at Swati snacks.

    My favorite as of now (believe it or not) is the Pao Bhaji at Prithvi Cafe

  4. @Simran,

    I too have been in Mumbai for around 6 years. Went to Sardar's Pav Bhaji only twice during this duration.

  5. ummmm.. a real mouth watering post..Y dnt u add a pic of this delicious pav-bhaji..wanna see it!! :P

  6. @preposterous girl,

    Will do that the next time I go there. I'll send a pic across to you too.

  7. Just chanced across your blog from another. And this post is mouth-watering. Haha, I love pav-bhaji, and this particular one sounds like such a SIN caked in butter like that! But hey, it never hurts to indulge in cuisine like that if it's a once in awhile thing. ;) Granted, you spend forever and a day working it off, haha.

  8. @Archana,

    Yes, it does appear the way you mean it. A friend of mine has refused to go there again, on the pretext that the quantity of butter consumed would mean that he shouldn't be eating for the next two days :)

  9. Jigar,

    Whenever you come down to Mumbai, give me a call, we'll satisfy your hunger at Sardar's.