Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Leaderless India?

The Bandra-Worli Sea Link has been thrown open to use for the general public. On 30th June 2009, Sonia Gandhi found time to do the honours. A good question to be asked is, what post does Sonia Gandhi hold? She is free of all constitutional responsibilities (except those that are thrust upon her while she is an M.P.) and hence not liable to any actions in case of government failure. But, the Congress likes to give her the credit of every "success" that either the central government or a Congress-ruled state government achieves.

An engineering marvel like the Sea Link should have been inaugurated by someone who holds a Constitutional post. The President was in Mumbai two days ago, she could have done the honours. Or the Prime Minister, who is the captain of the team that shapes the nation's future. But no, the government of Maharashtra felt that Sonia Gandhi has a standing that is higher than the President or Prime Minister. But, we have not protested against this. We are silently accepting all this. Why is there no protest? Why aren't there any protests visible? If the BJP would have called the RSS chief to inaugurate such a facility like this, imagine the uproar that would have taken place. But then, Congress is secular, while BJP is communal.

And the old wily fox, Sharad Pawar, also an off-shoot of the Congress culture sucked up to Sonia Gandhi and requested Chief Minister Ashok Chavan to name the bridge after Rajiv Gandhi. The CM, being a second generation Congressman, promptly agreed to the suggestion, in a bid to please his 'high-command'. The arguments put forward by Sharad Pawar to support his request were equally ridiculous. He said that Rajiv Gandhi was a 'son-of-the-soil' as he was born in Mumbai. Rubbish!! Mr. Pawar, are you forgetting the other leaders who have worked tirelessly for the benefit of the state of Maharashtra. Those 105 people who were killed when this very Congress wanted a bilingual state of Gujarat and Maharashtra have contributed more than Rajiv Gandhi. The only thing that I agree about Rajiv Gandhi was that he ushered in a technological revolution and had recognised the necessity of modern technology. But, he is the same Rajiv Gandhi who infamously agreed to amend the constitution to annul the Supreme Court's judgement in the Shah Bano case. He is the one who made the statement 'when a big tree falls, the earth shakes', thus backing those Congressmen involved in the anti-Sikh riots.

I would say, there were more worthy leaders than Rajiv Gandhi after whom the bridge could be named. Going back in history, there is Kanhoji Angre, the famous commander of the Maratha fleet. He tormented the English and Portuguese with his attacks on their ships. Since this bridge crosses the sea, his name should have been a favourite. Then there were Lokmanya Tilak, Acharya Atre, Shankarrao Chavan, Yashwantrao Chavan, Ahilyabai Rangekar, C.D. Deshmukh, and many more from politics. J.R.D. Tata from business. Homi Bhabha from science. Tata and Bhabha have been pioneers in their fields. Air India was Tata's baby. Homi Bhabha kick started atomic energy research. Both were Mumbaikars. There are many more social activists, famous cricket personalities, litterateurs who have contributed to the well-being of the people of Maharshtra. Anyone of them could be chosen. But no, the Congress doesn't know anybody beyond Nerhu and Gandhi. Thankfully, they aren't naming anything after Sanjay Gandhi now-a-days.

An India that dreams of becoming a super power, doesn't look at leaders apart from the Nehru-Gandhi family as worthy to be remembered through engineering and technology marvels. This picture doesn't look good. Though, it would have been nice if the sea-link was simply called Bandra-Worli Sea Link.
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  1. Exactly my thoughts! Why Sonia and Rajiv...

    What was Sanjay Gandhi's contribution other than bullying the nation during '75 for having things being named after him?

    Everyone in Congress behaves like a servant to the the N-G family...the things people to do be in power

  2. Loved your post and I couldn't agree more...I've seen this in Andhra too, whenever our CM does any paryatan to villages he comes up with a name like Rajiv Palle Baata (Rajiv Village Paryatan)...why can't he name it after himself coz he's the one who's doing it...the only reason is he's sucking up to Sonia Gandhi to be in power...I've come to hate this secular govt. of ours...

  3. Lemme tell you, i didn't like the whole thing, except the opening of the sea-link. Ialways wonder why people like Sonai Gandhi get a chance to do the honours, ar ethey freedom fighters or what!
    And secondly stupid news channel (like india TV)were showing their reporters racing from Mumbai to Worli via different routes. All this just to show that the new way takes just 7 minutes...they could have done smthing sensible in that time...

  4. @kaushik,
    What you say is true. Sanjay Gandhi wasn't even an elected representative. This high command culture has come into the Congress since Indira Gandhi's time. She ruthlessly removed all regional leaders who had solid mass following and replaced them with her stooges. And subsequently, the Congressmen got used to this suckup-to-the-high-command culture. Rajiv and Sonia are just following Indira's footsteps. Don't know what Rahul and Priyanka will do!

    Thanks for your comment. But, don't hate this government completely. They have done quite a few things which are commendable.

    You won't get freedom fighters anymore. All freedom fighters are well past their 70s. That is why the inauguration should have been done by someone who is a part of the government. And why do you watch India TV? It isn't even a news channel by any standards!! But whether you agree or not, the sea-link is an engineering marvel

  5. You r true the entire congress party is a servant of Nehru-Gandhi family.
    Now they are making the country their servant...this sucks !!!!

    I liked ur blog !!!!
    So blogrolled u...

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