Sunday, August 29, 2010

Idli House

So, it was time for another eating excursion in the city. And after a long long time. And it was again, in Matunga. Idli House is a sister concern of A. Ramanayak, which, as the name suggests, serves only idlis of various kind. It is a fairly recent outlet (though must be more than 10 years old) and serves more than ten types of idlis.
It is located in King's Circle (now known Maheshwari Garden) in Matunga. The restaurant is a fairly small place, with only three tables laid out. Of course, there is a table lined along the wall, where you could stand and eat, if you are super hungry and/or do not want to wait till the tables are cleared, which may take considerable time.

We went there, hungry as ever at around 8:00 AM on a rainy Sunday morning. And were just amazed at the variety of idlis on offer. Kanchipuram idli, Mysore rawa idli, pepper idli, etc. I began with ordering a Kanchipuram idli, shown on the left. Served hot and fresh, with unlimited sambar and coconut chutney to go with it, the idli tasted awesome. It was garnished with cashews and raisins, the chtuney was awesome and the sambar too was tasty, typical Udipi style sambar. Of course, one idli isn't enough to fill my stomach, and that too when it is such a tasty idli. So, the next dish I ordered was a khotto. This idli is steamed in kekdi (kevda) leaves and, therefore, there is a nice aroma and taste of those leaves when you eat the idli. The idli was super soft and just melted into the mouth. The other kinds of idlis available are Mudho, which is idli steamed by wrapping the batter in jackfruit leaves, Mysore Rawa idli, pepper idli and of course, the regular steamed idli. They also have dish called idli upma.

And, the accompaniments are not limited to sambar and chutney. You can choose from rasam, GSB daalitoya or Madras style sambar. And the famous red powder (called gun powder as a nick name) is also available instead of the regular coconut chutney.

Top this sumptuous breakfast with a piping hot filter coffee and you are done. The only thing remaining is a nice bed to lie down and digest all that delicious food.
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  1. should try idli house haven't tried it yet!!! I think matunga is the best place to have south indian stuff (i jus luv it) and of-course the filter coffee! Can't just pass the matunga circle area without having filter coffee! awesome!

  2. Finally the food-blogger gets started. And that too on idlis, our food! Idli is supposedly a very healthy food-item as it is steamed. Any food, if taken a picture and displayed looks so good! I bet you had a great time with South-Indian food.

    Joy always,

  3. Oh Vinay the description of idlis was really mouthwatering..

  4. @Supriya
    Yes, you should be there atleast once. My next stop is going to be Mani's near Ruia.

    It was a great time with the authentic south Indian food. Idli House advertises the benefits of eating idlis.

    Thanks :)

  5. Gave a new eat place to checkout this sunday ! Nice description. :)
    Thanks ! :D
    And Mani's IS good. :D

  6. @Aisha,
    Thanks! Oh yes, Mani's is too good.

  7. Khotto and Mudho sound delicious.

    Lucky,lucky Mumbaikars.

  8. The Idli in the picture seems so delicious :-)

    Nice post on such a simple breakfast!!

  9. @Purba,
    Lucky, we are!! Thanks for your comment.

    Thanks for your comment!

  10. @sambarman,
    the Sambar there is just too good!!

  11. Good article.

    I have a written a post on the same, though apparently it does not seem as good as yours :)

    If you would want to check it out …