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Political fever catches me: My questions to Arvind Kejriwal

Dear Arvind Kejriwal. You have got me in the game. Since every body is asking politicians questions, I felt like asking you as well. I hope you will find the time to address those. Here are my questions. They are not too many in number, like those you submitted to the Chief Minister of Gujarat. So, I hope they won't take too much of your precious time.

  1. Why did you resign as the Chief Minister of Delhi?
    Only 48 days into the government, you gave up! In the drama of a resignation speech that you gave outside your party office, you claimed that it was because the Congress and BJP ganged up against you on the behest of Mukesh Ambani. But, you didn't bother to present any proof of that. We were supposed to believe that since the opposition put hurdles in passing an anti-corruption law, you resigned. And also because you filed an FIR against their (according to you) super boss, Mukesh Ambani. Then, you said that you didn't flee the responsiblities, and again repeated that they were colluding and not allowing the government to function. But pray, would you tell us what activities of the government were they stalling? Only the introduction of an anti-corruption bill, for which you too weren't following the procedures requested by the LG of Delhi! You haven't bothered to tell us what other activities were stalled! At least, the UPA claims that the opposition didn't allow passing of key bills, which is a valid point, doesn't matter what those bills were.

    Do you want to know what is not quitting and fleeing? Sachin Tendulkar batting in the second innings of the 1999 test match against Pakistan in Chennai, despite an aching back. He would have got his match fees even if he retired hurt, but he gave his best and though India lost, he didn't give up! Or fours years later, Anil Kumble bowling in a test match in West Indies, with a broken jaw. And claiming Lara's wicket. You know why they are considered role models? Because they didn't give when they felt things were going against them.

  2. Why weren't people consulted before you resigned as Delhi CM?Before forming the government in Delhi, you claimed to ask the opinion of the citizens of Delhi whether they wanted you to form the government. Then, you said that since there is an overwhelming majority of people wanting you to form a government, you are doing so. But then, what happened to the people's desires when you resigned? In my opinion, you have gone against the people's desire to withdraw from governing Delhi. You didn't ask for their opinion before resigning. You simply wanted them to believe that you resigned because the Congress and BJP were colluding to not allow the AAP government to function. Again, without a proof to back your statement.

  3. How did you determine that the KG-D6 gas costs US$ 1.00 to be extracted and hence shouldn't be priced at more than US$ 1.20?What is the basis of these figures? You are an IIT engineer. You must have done some project costing and analysis to come up with this figure. Why haven't you presented your analysis to the people? You are quoting final results without showing your procedure of calculations. Remember, as engineers we used to ask the professors about partial credit for correct procedure? Even the letter where you claimed that Narendra Modi himself wrote a letter to the centre to hike gas prices, turned out to be one written by the chairman of the Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation (GSPC), and not by the Modi government. Sir, the GSPC is a listed company, headed by a civil services (IAS) officer. How do you say that the chairman of a listed PSU is same as the government?

  4. Why are Delhi MLAs being given Lok Sabha tickets?
    You mentioned in the end of February that no sitting MLAs of the AAP will receive a ticket for the 214 Lok Sabha elections. But then, as of March end, Rakhi Bidlan is your candidate from a seat in Delhi, you are contesting against Narendra Modi in Varanasi. Pray, why this change in stance and why is there no explanation for this change? What if the Delhi LG invites the AAP to form a government in Delhi? Surely, Somnath Bharati can't become the CM!

  5. How are corruption and communalism two sides of the same coin?
    You said this in your speech, didn't you? But how did you reach to this conclusion? Are you saying that a corrupt person is communal and vice versa? Or that communalism leads to corruption? And corruption leads to communalism? Pray, how? I am at a loss to understand this!

  6. Is a letter signed by a PSU chairman an order of the government?
    You released a letter, written by the chairman of the Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation, which is a public sector undertaking, claiming that it was a Gujarat government letter. Is it true that all PSUs are a part of the cabinet of any government? You were in the Income Tax department. Can you tell me then, is it possible that the profits that the PSU earns can be claimed as income by the government to which the PSU belongs? If yes, then fine. But if no, then how come a PSU chairman's letter becomes the letter of the government. No, if you say that the Gujarat government didn't stop the GSPC chairman from writing such a letter, then you are saying that governments should interfere with the business matters of the PSU. If you say, the government is forcing the PSU chairman to write such a letter, then please prove that. Further, the gas price that has been sought is for the GSPC's gas field, which will earn "windfall profits" for the PSU itself, not Mukesh Ambani!!
Sir, I know you are an extremely busy person, since you have to expose a lot of corrupt activities of politicians and business persons. However, I would be extremely grateful if you could answer these questions. 
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