Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Barged into Senate meeting

The senate meeting was on in full swing in the lecture theatre. BTW the senate is the apex body in IIT which decides a lot of stuff related to IIT. The presenter out there was putting forward some of his thoughts seriously. Officially the senate meeting was to end at 5 PM.

Wednesday 23 Mar 4:30 PM: In our lab, we all were gathering together to leave for Nikhil's birthday treat.

4:50 PM. We all stepped out of the lab to proceed for the treat. Suddenly some one remembered that today, Prof. Madhavan, a retired professor from our department (and a big name in control engineering) was ging to be conferred the Professor Emeritus status today at 5 PM in a ceremony at LT. All feet stopped moving and took a spontaneous turn towards the LT.

5:10 PM: Venue LT: We all thought that we are late for the function and it has already begun. I was leading the pack (this is a rare case). Hence, without even thinking about confirming what was going on inside, we opened the door and I just barged in. Seeing just too many profs around, I turned back and shouted to Ketan "abbe". That stunned the speaker for a few seconds, before he could continue. When I saw the slides that he was presenting, I understood that this is not the function we were supposed to attend. I just turned back and came out of LT even without caring to tell my friends what was going on inside. It was when Nikhil came out, that we came to know that we all had dared to barge into the senate meeting, which is one of the most high profile meetings in IIT!!

As for the conferring ceremony, we decided that Nikhil's treat gains a precedence over the ceremony and left the LT premises in a short time
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