Monday, March 14, 2005

Fun with Linux

Linux can be fun... Especially if you want to play pranks on newbies or on someone who uses Linux 'coz he hasn't any other option.

Try this...........
When the login screen of linux appears, you can choose the language you want. Change the language to Chinese or any other language which has no remote connection to India. Now, when anybody logs in to his account, he is going to see all the stuff in that particular language. You should just see the reaction on the user's face... It is garaunteed to be a Kodak moment..

Believe me, I've tried this and have been successful till this date... but, ur victim shouldn't be a hardcore Linux guy, or the plan will not take off at all.
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  1. are right, for he will just do Ctrl+Alt+Del, and your face would become "Kodak moment"

  2. the reason i said that the guy shouldn't be a hardcore Linux user is 'coz he will know what has happened and will change the language.

    a newbie will be completely confused about what has happened and that is the moment worth capturing.

    Ctrl+Alt+Del does not change the language selected!!!!