Thursday, June 09, 2005

Last month @ IIT

Well, all good things do come to an end... My last month in IIT. Almost finished with the project... The 1st yr. M.Tech. junta gave us a farewell in the dept. Well, it was some fun. The profile reading was good. Also, faculty took their time out to attend the valfi... We were asked to share our experiences in IIT and the dept. Well, I told about my mimicking habit an the incident when Karra was almost trapped in our plot... It was fun. Ananth and Kamat have some fotos of the celebration. In the end, everybody was given a huge cup (the ones you get in Archies) and a plaque that carries a senti message.

Now, for my project. I hope to complete the report by Jun. 20th. Defend by Jun. end. And then I'm a free bird. Will go back home for a few days and then join GE on 18th Jul. Mother is so worried that she has started contacting everybody she knows in B'lore to make temporary arrangements for me. Now, some one tell her that even GE would be glad to help me ;)

Rajul was in IIT yesterday. It was her b'day. Well, she hadn't come 'coz it was her b'day but she was in Mumbai for her summer project, and had come on campus to meet her boyfriend... And since I was also there, she met me too. She become much more gorgeous than she was in school... I just forgot to wish her happy b'day when she came in front of me!! Boy, that's bad thing to happen. We (me, she and her boyfriend (Vivek)) had a nice time @ coffee shack and then she gave us a b'day treat at Baskin Robbin's. Oh God, this ice-cream has f****d my throat since then.

I guess that's it for now. Hope to get back to work.... This net usage is now going to decrease as no more 24 hr net connection in B'lore.
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