Saturday, December 24, 2005

Life after IITB

Well, this is after a very long time. Precisely four months. I've taken up an internship position for a year in Bangalore. The transition from IIT life to life outside IIT has been difficult. It has been difficult in both terms- a) to adjust to the professional parameters of the organisation and b) to adjust to the fact that you have to live doing nothing on weekends.

To speak about Bangalore... well there is nothing much to speak about. All must have read Devegowda's statements and N.R. Narayanamurthy's outburst in news papers. Traffic situation is extremely bad, couple with it the fact that the locals are trynig to loot you in every possible manner. I think there would be a very few land-lords who would accept rent by cheque and issue a receipt for it. Even my land-lord told me that I shouldn't give him a cheque but instead pay in cash. One land-lord told me bluntly that if we pay by cheque he'll have to pay tax at 30% rate, hence he would prefer everything in cash. Even the outrageous 10 month rent that these guys ask for, he wanted in cash.

Bangalore is not meant for guys who want to commute around. After 9:30 PM, the auto guys ask for 1.5 times the meter reading. Boss give me a break, 9:30 PM is evening not night. They also flatly refuse to come to places that would fetch them only minimum rent.

I am eagerly waiting for my internship to end. I'm interested in getting back for my Ph.D. Well, let's hope the time comes soon. I cherish the work here. It is giving me a lot of exposure to various technolgies and also the work culture, which I wouldn't have had if I'd taken my Ph.D. directly after M.Tech. Also, this insight into life after academics is very much fantastic. If I had taken up a Ph.D. directly, I might have not come to know about this life. Well, it has enabled me to underestand what all should go in before deciding what job to take. I would like to thank almighty and all those who encouraged me to take up this internship before doing a Ph.D.
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