Monday, June 28, 2010

England vs. Germany: Comparison of football match and WW-2

The 2010 FIFA World Cup finals have brought out a lot of comparisons and analogies. The most famous one is the comparison with World War II. I would like to jump this bandwagon of comparisons and analyse the game between Germany and England in the knock-out stages of the 2010 FIFA World Cup played on 27th June. Just trying to judge the similarities and differences between the game and WW-II.

  1. Blitzkrieg format: Germany relied on the blitzkrieg form of war in WW-II. It was this very tactic that gave it victories in the initial stages. In the game too, the mid-fielders and forwards launched a blitzkrieg and caught the English defence by surprise. Remember, the second goal scored by Klose. This helped them demolish the English defence completely. And Ozil's run from mid-field to the penalty area in the 69th minute, to create a chance for Muller was just too fast for England to realise what is happening.
  2. Germans' initial dominance: Both in the WW, as well as the game, the Germans dominated initially. Although England had more possession of the ball, the German attack was breathing down the English defences' necks.
  3. English rally around one person: In WW-II, the English rallied around one person who inspired them to fight. That was Winston Churchill. In this match, the attack strategy revolved around Wane Rooney. While both names start with a 'W', alas, Rooney couldn't inspire as Churchill did.
  4. Germany's leading men from Munich: In WW-II, the leader of Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler, made his political career in Munich. Germany's football captain Philip Lahm, too, made his career with Bayern Munich.
  5. Weak neutral authority: The League of Nations was weak to undo any injustice, and the referees in the game had weak eye-sight, thus acting as a morale-booster for Germany.

  1. German dominance continues: Unlike the war, the Germans dominated till the end of the game. The German attacks demolished the English defence. And the German defence managed to cage the attacking Rooney.
  2. English Channel: While the English channel acted as a natural defensive structure in the WW, the channel (gap) between the mid-field and English defence, worked to Germany's advantage in the game.
  3. Role of USA: In the WW, US helped England crush Germany, but in the world cup, US were the reason England faced Germany. If England had emerged victorious against USA, they would have faced Ghana and USA would have faced Germany.
Finally, at the end of the 2010 Football World Cup, there is a great probability that Europe's power will be diminished and the (South) American continent's power would be on the rise.
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  1. Awesome post! Like it and is kind of a treat in the #worldcup(can't help using it...hoping the football to be thr whn posted ;)) momentum.
    The Blitzkrieg thing even dawned me...! But the Last one US thingy was the best!
    Btw another reason #ger succeeded was they were selfless...i guess in the 3rd/4th goal if it wouldn't have been a pass at the last moment it wouldn't have been a goal!
    Awesome comparison and best game of #worldcup so far!

  2. @Supriya,
    In football, the forwards have to be selfless. The success of the team is what brings laurels. Individual successes do not matter in the knock out stage.

    Even England were selfless in the attack, but it was centred around Rooney.

    Saw the Brazil-Chile match? The second goal too was an exemplary display of passing and involved everybody Robinho, Kaka and Fabiano to the goal.

  3. I enjoyed reading this wonderful post. In addition to the news splashed all over the newspapers and new channels, this piece was an original and gripping read.

    Brilliant post Vinay. Wow! In awe of your history and geography!

    Joy always,

  4. great post!!!!!

    inspired from freakonomics??

  5. @Susan,

    Thanks for the compliments.

    Thanks man! No, this is not an inspiration from Freakonomics. Just that we PhD students tend to analyse everything.

  6. Unlike the World Cup though, Germany was a superb team that played fair and deserved every bit of the success they got, not the freaks who were part of Hitler's army!!!!

    Anyways, great comparison! Keep it up! :)

  7. I don't think atheists have to be demons all the time. Thanks anyway.

    And I think what Aditya means to say is that they might have created a different image of god, than that which already existed, with new rules and everything.

  8. @Minstrel Incognito,
    Thanks for your comment. Oh yes, I missed out on the leadership difference.

    Didn't get your comment! Could you clarify?