Monday, July 05, 2010

Europe diaries: Part 1

In Belgium, every one is too polite. It freaks me out, when the person at the ticket counter says "Bon jour". Not only in the morning, but any time of the day. Especially, when you are used to the thumping, that indicates "next please". For the first two days, I wasn't able to return the greeting. I could only smile in surprise. But, somehow, I managed to say "Thank you" at the end of the ticket purchase transaction.
The same goes with the travelling ticket examiner. In Belgium, there are female TTEs too. He or she first greets you with "Bon jour" and then politely asks you for your ticket. These people might be greeting more than 100 people in a single journey. A sea of change from India.
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  1. Welcome to the world of politeness and smiles. First I was there and now it is your turn. As days go past, you will be surprised even more.

    Have a lovely time and bon jour.

    How long is your trip for and how are you adjusting to the change of time-zones? Waiting at this end to hear more.

    In anticipation.

    Joy always,

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  3. Well, I was there for a week. It was a little tough to adjust to the time zones. But, it was nice to see the politeness and the laid back life of the Europeans.